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Missouri City Real Estate Attorney

When you buy or sell property, you’re making a significant monetary investment. It’s important to do proper research to ensure your investment is secure and legitimate.

At The Titus Law Firm, we help clients make confident and informed decisions about their real estate transactions. We also help settle legal disputes, offer legal advice, and answer questions for our clients.

Do you need the assistance of a Missouri City real estate attorney? If so, don’t hesitate to contact The Titus Law Firm. Our goal is to save you time and money. We offer valuable resources to help you complete your real estate transactions.

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Real Estate Statistics for Missouri City, TX

Missouri City is approximately 18 miles away from Houston, TX. The 2020 median property value of Missouri City was $213,000, which was an 8.01% one-year growth.

Additionally, the homeownership rate was 81.9%. Due to this growth and the homeownership rate, there is no better time than now to make a real estate investment in Missouri City, TX.

Real Estate Resources for Missouri City, TX

A real estate appraiser will do the following:

  • Conduct official appraisals of real estate or land before it is purchased, refinanced, taxed, insured, or extended
  • Assess features to determine market values and property ratings using various sources
  • Undertake consults on the site, scrutinize property, and survey clients
  • Investigate all factors that affect a property’s present or future value, like comparable home sales, previous sales records, and future developments
  • Create reports that thoroughly clarify evaluation results

Local Property Appraisals

The Adams Group

7070 Knights Ct., Suite 502

Missouri City, TX 77459

(832) 308-7633

National Property Appraisal Group

503 McKeever Rd., #1514

Arcola, TX 77583

(832) 900-4777

Experienced Real Estate Attorneys Serving Missouri City, TX

Even in the most complicated and contentious circumstances, The Titus Law Firm represents clients in a broad spectrum of residential and commercial real estate issues.

Drafting unique legal papers—such as contracts and mortgage and title transfers—is necessary for real estate transactions. You will require the aid and counsel of an experienced real estate attorney for such complex and crucial legal problems.

A premium real estate lawyer can also assist in complex business and real estate litigation should those matters arise.

Titus Law Firm’s legal services are available to landlords to create thorough lease agreements and enforce those agreements. Tenants can benefit from the firm’s experience in commercial and residential lease negotiations and determining their rights.

Our law office can help with the following other practice areas:

Contact The Titus Law Firm Today

A real estate transaction is a significant investment. Make sure your investment is secure by working with a Missouri City real estate attorney.

The Titus Law Firm is devoted to its clients and their interests. Our team wants to help clients feel confident about their real estate decisions.

Our real estate lawyers will advocate for your interests, whether you’re completing a residential or business translation. Call us today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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The details and legalities of real estate law, business law, probate law, and estate planning are nuanced and require the attention of a team that is committed to applying best practices of emerging law and adjacent legal practice areas that lend themselves to better asset management and even generational wealth accumulation.
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Principled ethics, honesty, and wholehearted desire to serve our clients with the highest level of care and legal prowess, allows our team to serve clients in a way that exceeds expectations while proficiently cutting time and red tape to get there. Our commitment to quality, communication, and transparency as your Houston Law Firm is undivided and unequaled.
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Synergizing our broadband knowledge of legal matters that impact the bottom line of your life and legacy allow us to move easily across the Houston market to provide legal counsel when it matters most - just before the apex of change. Our ability to move clients into the next chapter of life and the next level of success, is why we are repeatedly chosen by those who need real solutions in real time.


Titus Law Firm is the most professional and knowledgeable firm I've come across. Everyone that is apart of the firm is a huge resource. Mr. Eddison Titus is very passionate about his work and it shows in his skills. I would strongly recommend allowing Titus Law Firm to represent your behalf. Trusted experts with a love for service.
Darian L.
I was truly satisfied with my experience with the Titus Law Firm. He was easy to work with, prompt, and helped make sure my case moved accordingly. Will use them again in the future.
Norris A.
The Titus Law Firm has handled two different law issues successfully for me. I found the office was always professional, helpful and pleasant. I would highly recommend The Titus Law Firm.
Moxie B.
I am very happy with the results I obtained from Titus Law Firm. From the first contact they were very responsive, informative and highly efficient in keeping a case moving to resolution quickly. I highly recommend them for any legal matter.
They have provided excellent service on my case. Their work resulted in very positive results. I could not have made it without their representation and are so grateful for their hard work, diligence, professionalism, and wise counsel
Lurenza C.

Our Process

Creating sophisticated legal solutions with simplicity and ease. Whether you need an estate planning attorney, real estate attorney, or business attorney, The Titus Law Firm can help you determine the legal structure for your current needs.

Meet with our team to determine your current circumstances and future objectives
Your attorney will determine the best strategies and solutions to create, protect, shield, and build wealth
Create peace of mind and a path forward with ease and security

FAQ: Missouri City Real Estate Law

What is a real estate transaction?

A real estate transaction is a legal process where one party transfers property ownership to another party. This can include both residential and commercial property. The monetary range of each property varies depending on the value of the property.

How can a real estate attorney help me?

Real estate transactions can be complex and time-consuming. A real estate attorney is your legal advocate. They will help make this process as simple and quick as possible. An attorney will answer your questions and ensure you get the most out of your transaction.

What is an abstract of title?

Any exceptions to a clear title should be indicated in an abstract of title. Any exceptions not resolved by the time the sale closes must be deleted; otherwise, the closing date may need to be extended. 

Having a dependable and knowledgeable lawyer on your side will assist you in guaranteeing no problems develop and that your transaction is a success.

Talk to a member of our team to understand why.

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