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Houston Real Estate,
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Our lawyers provide a full range of real estate, business, probate, and estate planning legal services to our clients.

They say you can tell a lot about someone based on what they do with their time and money, but what happens when time and money are complicated by the law? The Titus Law Firm is here to help with its ability to provide singular focus and 360-degree considerations for your business, assets, and how you want to leverage them.
With a rich history in attention to detail, service to others, and growth mindset, Eddison Titus founded the Titus Law Firm to streamline and simplify complicated and confusing legal matters for business owners and individuals who seek guidance making sound decisions if you need a :

Houston Real Estate Attorney

To Creatively Develop Deals For Entrepreneurs And Growing Companies In The Process Of Real Estate Investment.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate in Houston is fast moving and continued growth creates more competition and tension in the Texas business landscape. The laws that protect you and your property can be complex and regularly-changing. Even small mistakes with your legal real estate transactions, can have long lasting effects and devastating financial impacts. Protect yourself and your assets, and move forward with financial confidence. As a Real Estate Law Firm, some of our services include the following:

  • Residential Real Estate Transactions
  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions
  • Due Diligence
  • Clearing Title
  • Real Estate Litigation (Quiet Title, Adverse Possession, Partition, Trespass To Try Title).
  • Liens And Lien Removal. Investor Services
  • Title And Title Insurance Documents
  • Purchase And Sale Agreements
  • Tenant In Common Agreements
  • Boundary Line Agreements
  • Syndication
  • Deeds
  • Leases

We provide legal advice surrounding the best options for your real estate transactions, legal opinions, litigation services, and document preparation concerning real estate law in the state of Texas.

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Why Us?

Transparency and Details You Can Trust
The details and legalities of real estate law, business law, probate law, and estate planning are nuanced and require the attention of a team that is committed to applying best practices of emerging law and adjacent legal practice areas that lend themselves to better asset management and even generational wealth accumulation.
Integrity, Proficiency, and Quality Service
Principled ethics, honesty, and wholehearted desire to serve our clients with the highest level of care and legal prowess, allows our team to serve clients in a way that exceeds expectations while proficiently cutting time and red tape to get there. Our commitment to quality, communication, and transparency as your Houston Law Firm is undivided and unequaled.
Simplifying & Streamlining Complicated Legal Matters
Synergizing our broadband knowledge of legal matters that impact the bottom line of your life and legacy allow us to move easily across the Houston market to provide legal counsel when it matters most - just before the apex of change. Our ability to move clients into the next chapter of life and the next level of success, is why we are repeatedly chosen by those who need real solutions in real time.

Practice Areas

Houston real estate lawyers for your residential and commercial real estate transactions
Real Estate Attorneys
Houston business lawyers for your start-up, small business, or established business in texas.
Business Attorneys
Houston probate lawyers providing guidance and support to cut confusion and provide legal care during the probate administration
Probate Attorneys
Houston estate planning lawyers creating clarity and peace of mind for houston families and friends
Estate Planning Attorneys


Titus Law Firm is the most professional and knowledgeable firm I've come across. Everyone that is apart of the firm is a huge resource. Mr. Eddison Titus is very passionate about his work and it shows in his skills. I would strongly recommend allowing Titus Law Firm to represent your behalf. Trusted experts with a love for service.
Darian L.
I was truly satisfied with my experience with the Titus Law Firm. He was easy to work with, prompt, and helped make sure my case moved accordingly. Will use them again in the future.
Norris A.
The Titus Law Firm has handled two different law issues successfully for me. I found the office was always professional, helpful and pleasant. I would highly recommend The Titus Law Firm.
Moxie B.
I am very happy with the results I obtained from Titus Law Firm. From the first contact they were very responsive, informative and highly efficient in keeping a case moving to resolution quickly. I highly recommend them for any legal matter.
They have provided excellent service on my case. Their work resulted in very positive results. I could not have made it without their representation and are so grateful for their hard work, diligence, professionalism, and wise counsel
Lurenza C.

Our Process

Creating sophisticated legal solutions with simplicity and ease. Whether you need an estate planning attorney, real estate attorney, or business attorney, The Titus Law Firm can help you determine the legal structure for your current needs.

Meet with our team to determine your current circumstances and future objectives
Your attorney will determine the best strategies and solutions to create, protect, shield, and build wealth
Create peace of mind and a path forward with ease and security


What does the Texas Securities Act do?

The Texas Securities Act is the statute that governs the Texas securities market. The act mandates the registration of companies and people who sell securities or give investment advice in Texas and securities offered or sold there.

What is a Texas Blue Sky Law?

Blue Sky laws are created to protect investors against securities fraud, allowing investors to now have access to verified data on which to base their investing choices.

Sellers of new issues must usually register their offerings and submit financial information about the transaction and the parties involved.

What is the best business entity for me?

The most crucial consideration when selecting a business structure is whether limited liability protection is something you require, as this is the main feature of such a structure. Informal company arrangements like sole proprietorships and general partnerships are usually sufficient for companies with low risk and a small customer base.

Is there anything I should do before purchasing a property or land?

Attorneys ensure that all paperwork is prepared correctly and submitted to the appropriate authorities. Attorneys conduct title searches, can negotiate should a search turn up an issue, and, if a problem is found, can advise you on the best course of action.

Talk to a member of our team to understand why.
Find out How To Choose An Attorney

Find out How To Choose An Attorney

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Attorney

Hiring an attorney is an important decision. It’s not just legal advice you seek… it’s advice on matters that can affect your livelihood, property, legacy, and family’s financial future.

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